Mein Doctorvater, Prof. Hans-Juergen Warnecke  
  2019-04-04   1813  
1 Prof. Warnecke with his life-long acquaintances.(Fraunhofer IPA).jpg
2 A pleasure with him.JPG
  So shocked with his sad news of passing away on the last March 20th.
I planned to see him soon again, because I could not leave my office pitifully due to the current project preparation.
I forget that our destiny does not wait for us at all !
Last 10 years we have been much closer like as father and son.
He has been a my life mentor. I liked to see him and he takes it with warm heart.
I learned a lot from him incl. 'Test before research', 'Too much work does not make money like him as well as me' and 'good quality and cheap price of Wuerttembergischer Wein'.
We let beloved persons leave one after another. I should learn something from that.

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